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We are wired for stories. We’re looking for clues to questions in our own lives in the lives of others.  This book is a series of stories about you; a small business owner and your passions.  It’s a story that changed how I saw myself and my business and allowed me to discover my own passion.

Solving the "Small Business puzzle"

get beyond the jargon of business to the human story

a "How to" road mapping system for growing a small business

Living By Your Wits are the stories and insights from my career as a CPA and consultant to small businesses. It started back when I created a financial workshop—“The 3-Day MBA”—for small business owners intent on understanding their financial statements.

That workshop contained many stories from working with my clients. Those stories led to a small business “advice column” in the Sacramento Business Journal that ran for several years under the title “The Profit Process®.”

The initial workshop and the columns morphed into a series of  small business know-how” workshops that built on each other; covering the arc from a sole owner “start-up,” to a business with a “value stream” that allowed for its sale, when the owner was ready to move on.

Now these columns and workshops have become the source material for Living By Your Wits, a book of case stories, tools and a discussion guide for owners and advisors to small business owners. You can read the first chapter by registering here: