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A trust builder for
Consultants and Coaches

As a consultant or coach, you will find that forming a group to discuss the ideas in the Guidebook is a stimulating way to get clients or move a key team or group of owners forward.  There are rewards in collaboration and “buy-in” develops as the trust builds.  

In the last couple of decades, “business coaching” has become a legitimate profession—especially for those with large business experience to share with small business owners.

The Executive Committee (TEC, now called Vistage) and the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) are models for sharing wisdom and experience with business owners. These are examples of circles that build trust, accountability and community for business owners. 

In my career, I found circles to be an important resource for both my clients and for myself. Circles also work as a developmental resource for key team members in a business.

The Discussion Guide after each chapter focuses the stories and ideas for the group and leader in a challenging way.  Additionally, there are tools and templates that allow the ideas to be applied to a business while they are fresh in mind.

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