Why This Book?

Why This Book?

First, full disclosure: I am not wealthy! For forty years I ran a solo accounting practice, raised and educated my children, and was modestly prosperous. But for years, as a certified public accountant, I wondered at the ability of some of my clients to consistently turn a profit and thrive while others struggled just to survive.

Unwittingly, I was searching for the thread that reflected their ability to prosper and to build wealth, while others did not. My unspoken question was “what is the ‘something extra’ that led to prosperity?”

The answer that emerged from this query was not simple. There are no magic solutions that will make you a millionaire.

Beyond luck there was an unseen reality going on below the radar

I learned that a continuous flow of ideas, energy and initiatives did not just happen. Beyond luck there was an underlying reality going on below the radar. It was a process that could be articulated and described. Yes, there were the financial metrics that I helped track, but in addition there was a “mental component” that attended their success.

As part of this query, I began to collect and record the stories that emerged from my client’s businesses. I noticed that this unfolding went on, not only in their business lives, but in their personal lives as well. The question became, how does this dual business and personal process work? It emerged slowly, but I began to see it.

When you watch a magician pull coins out of the air, you say, “Hey, slow down, so I can see how you did that.” That’s my aim with this book: I want to slow the action—so you can see it happen—and give you an “instant replay” of what goes on in your business every day.

Profits may seem like “magic” till we learn to “see.” Then you can practice the process for yourself. It is my hope that the insights, illustrations, tools and stories will make visible what seems invisible.